my advice on staying productive in quarantine (+mental health tips)

Hi guys welcome back to the blog or welcome if your new! Today we all taking about things productivity! I am going to be giving you my best tips that I have been using myself to stay productive in quarantine! A quick *disclaimer,* there is no obligation that you must be productive and efficient in quarantine, everyone is going through their own crap and we deal with it in different. If you want to deal with stress and sadness by laying in bed and watching Netflix all day, so be it. Also please stay to the end for two exciting bits of info!! Okay let’s get into the tips…

have a morning ritual

The way you start your day really impacts the rest of the day. One of my biggest tips is to have a mini morning routine to start off your day on a good foot. Just remember to not over-complicate things, I like to keep mine restricted to three steps:

  1. freshen up – something I like to do as soon as I’m out of bed and I’m off my phone, is to get out of my sweaty pjs into a different outfit (still as comfy of course), I also brush my teeth and wash my face so I am instantly refreshed.
  2. play my podcast – the next thing I do is find a podcast. If you follow me Instagram (@imaanazizblogs) you will know I am huge podcast nerd and I always share new eps on my story for anyone else to listen with me. Listening to someone helps me calm down and remember loads of other people are going through the same crap. It also motivates to keep going throughout my day. Podcasts are a good alternative to watching videos because you still get quality content without being sucked into the time portal that is social media.
  3. have breakfast – kind of self-explanatory but I thought I would share my favourite breakfast atm. I have been loving honey&seed granola, greek yogurt and a little bit of gooey honey on top. Granola really helps me stay energised too because it is high in protein and goodness. Also, I recently had my first cup of tea ever… which is disgraceful considering I’m British and South-Asian!! Sometimes I like having a cuppa to wake up my brain.

a designated workspace

Having somewhere where you know work needs to be done there (that’s a mouthful!!), is crucial for focus and productivity. Your workspace is the one way you can make your working experience more fun and enjoyable. Get out your favourite pieces of stationery (if you’re a bujo nerd like me), light a candle, open up your curtains (get that good VD, boost your mood straight away), grab your favourite snacks and a glass o’ water, play your favourite songs (or podcast), and just having a good time. This really motivates me because I’m surrounded by all my favourite things, it also makes me feel happier!!

I like to work on my desk but if you don’t have one use your dining table. Also is you must work in bed because there isn’t anywhere else with minimal distractions a tip I learnt from a YouTube video is to put you pillow perpendicular to where they are when you sleep. Please don’t get under the covers either… you will fall asleep or end up binging netflix.

hourly planning

My best tip for time management is hourly planning. I actually have a fun announcement coming tomorrow which will seriously help you out with all things productivity!! After you have made your dream workspace, sit down and plan out your day. Take your to-do list (if you haven’t written on yet, make one!) and plan out when you are doing each task. This will give your day a lot more structure than it had and put your mind straight. Everyone’s routine is different so make sure you write you schedule your tasks in a way that works for you. If you don’t know what works for you… experiment! Are you a night person or a morning person? I’m a night person so all my school work goes at the end of my day and all my content planning and blog is at the beginning. I have a quarantine routine igtv or blog post coming v soon!

start with what you love

Building momentum is key for having motivation to hustle through out the day. Starting with things you love (for me it’s blogging and strategy tasks), help you stay consistent throughout the day. That feeling of checking things of your list will fuel your urge to keep going. Another way to build momentum throughout your day is by breaking your huge tasks into smaller chunks.

For example, if I see ‘English Project’ on my to do list, I will automatically feel intimidated by this huge task that takes a whole day and will not want to start. However, if I take a spare bit of paper and break it down into things like:

  • brain dump all ideas
  • write introduction
  • research p1
  • write p1
  • research p2
  • write p2


  • write conclusion
  • add images
  • submit project

This broken down version of your task becomes a lot less daunting than ‘English Project.’

And that wraps up today’s blog post, I hope you liked it! Comment below any other productivity tips you know, let’s help each other out!! Please please please come back tomorrow for a really exciting announcement! You will love it if you like my productivity and lifestyle content… I have something really exciting for you guys hehe :))

pssst… this was actually a collab with Meg aka Ginger Blogger, she is a lovely lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger and we decided to work together to give y’all some new tips. Head on over to her blog to read a whole new post on tips for reading more.. I am so excited to read it because I have been staying up to 3am every night reading reading my butt off! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to read her tips!

Read her blog post:

Follow her Instagram: @gingerbloggerr

10 thoughts on “my advice on staying productive in quarantine (+mental health tips)

  1. Lots of quality tips here! A very enjoyable read. Thanks Imaan!

    I especially love what you said last- break down tasks into easier manageable chunks and then they won’t get to you as much or feel so overwhelming. Brilliant productivity hack.

    Hope you’re safe and well. Have a great weekend x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] MY ADVICE ON STAYING PRODUCTIVE IN QUARANTINE (+ MENTAL HEALTH TIPS!) – this post is written by the talented Imaan from imaanazisblogs (link to other blogs here!). I only recently started reading Imaan’s blog and I love her style so much! This blog post is my favourite of hers because I think she has some really good tips that really helped me! My favourite tip is start with what you love because it really sets you up for the day! […]


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