hey loves, welcome back to the blog or welcome if you are new! This is another collab with one of my gorgeous blogger friends – @thatrebeccarose. Today i’m writing a lil’ post about a few of my favourite books. Recently, I have been reading a lot more and invested some of my money into some new books! Rebecca will be doing something similar on her blog so make sure to check that out after. 1) Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman I read this book about a month ago and it was amazing! The themes and the story and so interesting and moving. It’s about the story of two friends – Callum (a nought) and Sephy ( a cross). It is set in a world where black and white are right and wrong. I would read about 100 pages a day as it was so hard to put down! Explore the ups and downs of Sephy and Callum’s life and how they struggle to remain together. 2) Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince – JK Rowling In case you didn’t know I am a major Harry Potter fan. My favourite book in the series has got to be The Half Blood Prince. It is so interesting and is a real page turner! In this particular book of the series, Harry is informed about the mission he must complete to destroy by Voldemort. We also see Malfoy join the dark side. 3) The Tattooist of Auschwitz – Heather Morris This book is set in Nazi Germany. It is about a man named Lale Sokolov who is taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau and was appointed to job of tattooing numbers onto his fellow victims arms. Waiting in line to been branded, is a woman called Gita. When Lale sees her it’s love at first sight and he is determined to not only survive the concentration camp but to ensure she does too. It’s actually based on a true story, which is mind-blowing! 4) Stories for South Asian Super Girls – Raj Kaur Khaira Recently published author – Raj Kaur – released her inspirational book about South Asian Super Girls. The book consists of 50 illustrated biographies of amazing south asian women. It is so motivational and interesting reading all these beautiful girls stories. Women Empowered is echoed all throughout the book – and I LOVE IT! Another great thing about this book is that when you purchase this book all of the proceeds go towards charities supporting women and children. 5) Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald – JK Rowling I remember receiving my copy the day the movie came out and being thrilled. We saw the film the same day and when I got back home I dived right into the script. I’m not into reading scripts that much but the movie was brilliant and was the book. JK Rowling is my favourite author as she created the incredible wizarding world, so I had no doubt her new series of books would be outstanding.
psssst… this was a collab with the gorgeous @thatrebeccarose, she made a post like this one on her blog which you check out here: She is a beauty and lifestyle blogger and her photography/ flat-lay skills are stunning. Her editing is gorgeous and her Instagram feed is beautiful. I hope you liked this blog post! I really recommend getting into a few good books it is so soothing, relaxing and a great way to practice self-care. For more uploads like this be sure to follow my blog and feel free to check out my social media – links below!
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