1) Pile up your homework in order

Recently I have gotten into the habit of piling up my homework in chronological order either in the morning or after school. I put the pieces in order of due date, having the assignment due last at the bottom and the one that is due first at the top. I will naturally start with the top one and gradually work my way down. This way I get done most of my homework and don’t have to worry too much about rushing to do projects.

2) Keep a planner

I have a bunch of cute planners that I have collected over the years, that I don’t use anymore because I am currently bujo (bullet journal) obsessed!! I still write down my assignments and they’re due dates in there so I can keep track of all my tasks! If it’s not in my bujo it will be written on my large whiteboard that sits in front of my desk.

3) Do your homework asap!

I am not in the routine of doing this yet, but I am slowly working towards it!! What I mean is doing homework as soon as it’s set so you don’t get a terrible snowballing of assignments. I had quite a lot of half term hwk but I kinda left it halfway through and rushed most of it! I did get it all done but probably not to the best of my ability… whoops! But hopefully, we can all get a bit more organised when it comes to homework!!

4) Set your alarm early

To prevent being late the school set your alarm about fifteen minutes earlier. This way you will have a bit of time to stretch out your arms, yawn a bit, gradually sit up, have a sip of water, maybe read a book if you have a few spare minutes… fully adjust to the

5) Check your bag before you sleep

I have mentioned this in a previous post but I believe it’s pretty important to check and pack your bag before bed. This way you won’t forget equipment and you won’t be rushing around in the morning looking for things.

6) Declutter once a week

Once a week go through you notes, any waste on you’re desk and put them into different categories. Trash and Keep then you won’t have to sift through a bunch of pointless paperwork. 

7) Eliminate Distractions

When you start doing some school work whether revising or just homework, give your devices to a friend and tell them not to give it  back to you until you have completed your studies. This way you won’t be tempted to check your chats whilst working. 

8)Weekly Homework Plans

Write down your homework down as soon as you have been assigned it. Once you have the general idea of what your homework tasks are that week, plan out when you are going to do them. I like to use my bullet journal for this.

9) Maintain an organized study space at home

Keep your desk tidy and neat. I don’t know if this is just me but when my desk is really messy it doesn’t motivate me to work.

10) Review Notes

Everyday after school go over your notes. I like to add notes from CPG textbooks and make paragraph summaries of them.

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  1. loved this! I have to say I am quite good with my homework, being organised and getting it all done, but I still learnt some amazing tips! I will definitely be starting to clean out my desk every week as it’s usually very messy! xx


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