huge A/W clothing haul (h&m, new look + primark)

In the half-term, I went on a huge shopping spree with my aunty, as I have either grown out of my old cold weather clothes or just didn’t have certain pieces that I needed to stay cosy. I shopped all the basics, slowing building up my wardrobe and a few unique pieces too! Side note: most of these pieces have links on them so just click on the pictures or links I put in to shop! Hope ya like it…

Mickey Mouse Hoodie

I thought I would endorse my crazy hoodie obsession further by buying this adorable mickey mouse hoodie. I love the embroidery detail, as I think it adds a beautiful feature that distinguishes it from my other thousands of hoodies. I love the little spirally quality on the drawstrings of the hoodie. Also who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse?!

Black Chunky Turtleneck Jumper

In the whole process of my huge shopping spree, I also was looking out for a few good basics. One of them was a good, durable black jumper that I could easily style in different ways. I love basics that I could easily style up or down. For example, for a more casual look I would put it with a pair of skinny blue jeans, gold jewellery and black boots. For a more dressed up look I would pair it with some dress trousers and a blazer.

Double-breasted Jacket

I always see fashion bloggers on Instagram wearing the greyish, oversized blazers and I thought I would try and find one for myself. By the time we got to H&M, we were four hours deep into our shopping trip and we were extremely tired. We had two more things to get before going home – anout basic jumper and a blazer. I found two that looked good and tried them on in a rush. At the store, they didn’t have my size but I tried on a larger size and thought it achieved the oversized purpose. Alas, I came home and changed my mind and decided to return it for a brown plaid pattern one that is coming soon!

Now this one hundred percent one of my favourite pieces that I bought as I have a new found obsession (yes I have been over-using that word) of corduroy. It is also perfect for Autumn as it is so warm and still fashionable. I picked the black colour as I thought I could easily style in different ways, as it is a good base colour. Click here to look at this beautiful corduroy dress.

I love this red basic as it is really hugging and the button detail is beautiful. I read that if you start with one tight layer you can easily layer jacket and jumpers over to stay warm but not look like you are drowning in fabric. Click here if you would like to check out this jumper.

Grey Cardigan

Yet another basic! I loved the pale grey colour on this cardigan. It is also such a nice length and I love how it sinches in at the ends and wrists. I love the silver button detail on the wrists too.

Peplum 2 in 1 Jumper

I saw this not-so-basic in New Look and thought it was quite extravagant! I thought the black perfectly juxtaposed with the peplum detail around the ends and the wrists. It is very different to what I would normally go for but when I tried it on I thought it was really flattering.

Green Jumper with Shirt Detail

Similar to last one (just a bit more simple), this green jumper has a lovely shirt detail. I also love the colour and the little button detail on the shirt. The collar is so beautiful as well. The lines in the jumper itself add a great new texture.

5PC Gold Choker Set

Recently, I am have been obsessed with golden jewellery as I think it is so pretty and normally goes with all outfits. I feel like chokers are especially flattering and add a little bit on interest to the the neck area. I could not find the exact link to this set but I did find an equally cute set on the Primark website, so click the pic to shop!

Fine-Knit Turtleneck Jumper

The last basic I purchase was this turtleneck jumper from h&m. It would be nice to pair this with the blazer (or a blazer) from before. The colour reminds me more of a wintry look and I think this piece would be great for when all the leaves are off the trees.

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My last post: how to stop procrastinating

how to stop procrastinating (productivity tips) !!

hey angels, welcome back to my blog or welcome if you are new! Today’s post is about something we all do – procrastinate. When you have homework to hand in, laundry to clean, anything that isn’t fun really, your mind will try its hardest to find something else to delay it. But fear no more, I have some great tips on how to stay productive and prevent some serious procrastination.

the bigger picture

When you are procrastinating, you only really focus on the task you have to do and why it is ‘so annoying or bad.’ A good tip I have learnt for tackling procrastination is thinking about the bigger picture. This may sound really ambiguous, but what I mean by this is: think about what this single task will contribute towards your life. For example, if you have an essay to write for school that you have been putting off, think about how it will help you in the future. Writing the essay will help you understand the topic further; which will help you do better in your exams; which will help you get better grades; which will help you get into your preferred college or university; which will help you get a job.

bribe yourself & take breaks

Instead of listening to FOMO (fear of missing out), give yourself incentives and rewards to make you work towards something. This could be taking a break where you can do anything you want, such as watching Netflix, reading a book or listening to music. – whatever tickles you. For example, after I have written this blog I am allowed to watch a YouTube video, that I have been pining to watch.

clean up your space

I realised this one quite recently, but when my desk or bed is messy it always puts me off my work! Before I start working, I like to clear my desk and only have the things I really need out. Like: my pencil case, certain workbooks/ exercise books, my laptop and my planner. This way, I can limit all those pesky distractions and completely focus on the task at hand! And if you task is to clean up your room, well you just killed two birds with one stone!

set an atmosphere

This is more of a mindset tip but I like to have familiar scents, heat and lighting when I do my work. I feel like it really lets my brain register the fact that it is time to work! For myself, I light a specific candle that I associate with work, turn my heater on in these cold autumn days and switch off my main light to put on my desk lamp. I really believe it helps me calm down and almost sink into the work (not drown, but sink).

Hope you enjoyed this little tips post! I’m sorry about missing my upload day yesterday – I was really busy with work and I went to a birthday party, so I was quite busy! Head over to my Instagram (link below) and tune in for an exciting new theme change! If you liked this post please show me by giving it a like! Comment below you favourite stationery brand!

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Last post: how to look cute when ur an emotional wreck

how to look cute when ur an emotional wreck

We all have those days. Those days where you don’t want to do anything but curl up in ball of blankets and watch netflix all day. But then again we have things to get done – commitments. Unfortunately, in today’s society it is not acceptable to wear your pajamas in public except you know, babies. Today I’m doing a post on how to still look cute but with minimal effort. I have broken it up into a few categories: makeup, outfits and hair.

outfit ideas

legging and joggers are your new best friend – a great comfy alternative to jeans is a good pair of leggings. They are strectchy and they keep all the warmth in. H&M do great pairs of black leggings, I’ve had mine for a long time and they have lasted for quite a while. An even more comfortable alternative is some cosy joggers. I have a great pair from Peacocks that are very stylish and aren’t too laidback to wear out.

all black outfits – an all black outfit is so easy to put together. All the textures and materials collect together and compliment each other because they are all black. Also, because you are fully colour coordinated it looks like you have your life together. One of my top suggestions would be, black jeans, balck boots and a black belt with some gold jewellery. Also, you could have an all black outfit with one contrasting accessory, such as a red bag.

wear your jewellery – jewellery really brings a sense of personality to your outfit. It also makes your outfit look so much more put together. I love a little gold choker or necklace; jewellery brings the focus of the outfit downwards to make you look taller.

minimalist makeup look

Sometimes, you just want to keep it simple. Here’s a super quick makeup look you can do in under five minutes…

the finished product

forget foundation, go for concealer – foundation is really not necessary if you are going for a natural look. I like to grab a concealer – my all time favourite affordable concealer would have to be ‘Fit Me’ by Maybelline – and put a little bit extra on when that is the only base product I am using. I blend it all out with a beauty blender, as I find it gives the most natural finish.

go for natural, feathery brows – a spoolie will create a lovely soft and feathery look on your brows. Fill them in as you would normally, then take your spoolie to blend out and soften those harsh lines. I use the Collection Eyebrow Pomade in the shade Dark Brunette and a little brush to fill in my brows, it is long-lasting and waterproof – all for such a good price.

two in one blush & lips – as I mentioned in a previous post, I love the Maybelline Cherry Baby Lips, especially for a creamy blush. It is so easy to apply and blend in. Now I know it wasn’t made for blush, but the colour and consistency looks really flattering. Also if you put on your lips to it will compliment your cheeks really nicely. It gives a lovely dewy/flushed look.

minimal highlighter – it is nice to apply a little bit of highlighter here and there. For this natural/minimalist look, I would recommend dab a bit on the point of your nose and in the corner of your eyes. You know… to conceal the darkness within.

skip the mascara – at the moment, I haven’t really been liking mascara. I find it too obvious and not natural at all. This may sound weird but now I lipbalm. Specifically, eos. I will curl my lashes as usual and then swipe a bit of lipbalm to put on my eyelashes. I find it so much more appealing than clumpy, black mascara and it makes the curl stay so much longer.

finish off with setting spray – look it all in place so you don’t have stress about it later!

easy af hairstyles in under a minute

here are a few little hairstyles for you to try when you just can’t be bothered:

clip it back – this is one of my favourite hairst when I’m in a rush or don’t want to spend a long time on my hair. I like to use two bobby pins on each side of my head. Sometimes, if I am in the mood I will use some cute barettes to add a bit of interest to my hair.

a ponytail, get it outta ur face – when you just really don’t want to mess around with your hair or have it in your face at all, I would recommend tying it back. You could do it with a simple black hair tie or even a scrunchie to personalise the hairstyle.

simple plaits – this one literally takes about five seconds just quie braid your hair, nothing fancy, then tie up each side. If you want a more chill, ‘i woke up like this’ look, tug at the plaits to make them thicker.

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Last post: after school routine 2019

after school routine 2019

hey lovelies, welcome back to my blog, today is day four of the half-term blog series! A few weeks ago when I was writing up my half-term content, I put one of those question boxes on my IG story and asked you angels what you wanted to see! Someone said: a night routine and as I did mention in my ‘day in the life’ post I don’t really have a schedule/routine BUT most of time I am very productive in the evenings. So here’s what I get up to after school:

get home and just chill out

I get home at about 4pm. After a blurry seven hours of school, I think it’s nice to take at least half an hour just to relax and rewind before I get to work again. I like to get myself a snack to re-energise, i’ll check my Instagram and probably watch a few YouTube videos. I also get myself into some comfy clothes, as I have been trapped in my uniform for a while.

plan out homeworky things

productive mode activate! By now it is about 430pm and it is time to get to work. I put all the homework that needs to be done in chronological order, most of the time there is huge pile to smash through. I will work for about one and a half hours and then have my dinner at about 6pm.

blogging activities πŸ™‚

I get to do my fun things now! At about 7-8pm, I’ll hop on my laptop and do some blog tasks. This is like a break from my homework and makes me so much happier, but I’m still getting stuff done! I will usually work on my list of blog post ideas by writing them up, if the lighting is okay anywhere I might take photographs. I also use Lightroom to edit any photos I need for instagram or upcoming blog posts. If you want a how I edit my IG photos, give this post a like!

cleaning up the mess i made

After completing various activities for the last few hours, my room normally gets quite messy. My bed will be covered with books, my desk will look like a construction site and the floor is most likely also covered with things. I like to take ten minutes to half an hour just to put things away and pack up my books for school.

get ready to sleep

At about 930pm, I start to wind down and relax. I’ll do a little skincare session, with a cleanser and moisturiser. I also will remove any makeup if I am wearing any that day. Of course, I’ll brush my teeth and shower most days. Now that is Winter, I am fully stocked up on cosy, fluffy onesies and pajamas, so I will change into one of those.

reading myself to sleep

At the moment, I have gotten into the habit of reading a book before I sleep. Right now, I am obssessed with the Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman. I am currently on book three: Checkmate. 100% reccommend reading these books! Reading really helps me calm down and makes me really sleepy. Depending on what book I’m reading I can spend half an hour to hours reading a good book.

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five drugstore beauty products i am loving

hey lovelies, welcome to day three of this week o’ blog posts! Today I am doing a short post with a list of my favourite drugstore products. They are all super affordable and will be linked so you can buy them too!

Zoella Body Cream

I purchased this little item quite a while ago and I got it out of my cupboard so I use it more as it is perfect for Winter. The scent is so fresh and cuddly and reminds me so much of snow. The consistency is so nice and seamlessly massages into my skin. I like to use it after taking a shower so my skin stays healthy and moisturised.

Garnier Micellar Water

It is always crucial to take off your makeup and I found a great makeup remover, that is extremely affordable. I found it randomly in a Waitrose when we went grocery shopping. I realy love the feel as it seems like an oil but isn’t greasy at all. It really helps me cleasne my face after a long day and is a key part of my skincare routine.


I used to always think the expensive lip balms like Burt’s Bees and eos were the best as they costed the most. However, I have come to realise that nothing can compare to Carmex. It lasts so long, makes my lips smooth and is so much more affordable. I love the tingly feeling when I apply it and the consistency of the product. The packaging is so cute too!

B. Face Masks

Quite a while ago, I purchased a few samples of the B. face masks to try them out and I ended up really liking them. Recently, I went back and bought the full packs. I love the way it dries and the clay one is so satisfying to wash off. I also managed to get them for a really good deal – buy one get one free. The sale might still be on so you can pick some up for yourself, if you like the sound of them.

Baby Lips Maybelline

Tinted lip balms are so much more pleasing than matte lipstick. They are easier to apply and are generally so much more natural and flattering. Less is more right? I have a lil’ cherry one from Maybelline, which is my favourite at the moment. More recently, I have been using it as a blusher which it so great and creates a lovely natural gradient on my cheeks.

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Read yesterday’s post: five tv series reccomendations

five tv series recommendations

welcome to day two of this week of blog posts! Today I am talking something we all love: TV. I have a few all time series reccomendations that I will always love and a few that I recently discovered. I could not name this ‘ Netflix Series Reccomendations’ as not all of these are on Netflix but they are all free! Let’s get on with it…

liza on demand

I have been following Liza Koshy for years now and was so excited when she came out with her new YouTube Originals series: Liza On Demand. At first it was on YouTube premium only and I wasn’t able to watch it but now they are all free episodes. The first series follows Liza on her journey to becoming ‘Elite Status’ on a Tasking App she would earn all her income from. She lives with her two friends Oliver and Harlow, who are extremely funny characters too! Series 2 is out now for those who are privileged enough to have YouTube Premium but those less fortunate can wait for the new free episodes every Wednesday at 10pm.


Wolfblood is a huge throwback to when I used to watch CBBC on my grandparents TV, but it still holds a very special palce in my heart. If you don’t live in Britain, the CBBC is the children’s version of the BBC (British Broadcasting Centre). Wolfblood, follows Maddy and Rhydian as they discover all they Wolf powers and have to hide it from their friends and school mates. There are lots of twists and turns in this TV series and I can’t really say too much as I will give it all away! Anyways, it is available on BBC iplayer if you live in the UK.


Everyone knows what Friends is. In case you have been living under a rock for the last twenty-five years, Friends is a 90s sitcom following 6 hilarious friends: Rachel, Joey, Ross, Monica, Pheobe and Chandler. There’s ups and downs, funnies and emotionals. There are ten seasons available on Netflix and if you do watch it you will end emotionally attached to all the characters.

gilmore girls

I will always and forever be watching Gilmore Girls. It is my all time favourite series. I feel like it is a bit underated nowadays as it was made in the 90s like Friends. It follows a beloved mother and daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory. Rory is an Ivy- League bound student who loves reading and journalism. Lorelai is her cool mother who has heartwarmingly proud of Rory as she gets to do things she never could. There are many relatable themes and their relationship is so fuuny and adorable.

Anne with an E

About six weeks ago, my mum and I were scrolling through Netflix trying to find a series for both of us to watch together and we found ‘Anne with an E.’ It is a spin off of the old time classic Anne of Green Gables. The series follow a young orphan called Anne who is very eccentric and well-read. She loves learning and readings, especially new pieces of literature at the time. It is set in the Victorian Era. Currently there are two seasons on Netflix and the third one is coming soon (i can’t wait).

So those are all my reccomendations, let me know if you end up watching any of these series. Also comment below any reccomendations you have. Come back tommorow for another blog post and follow to be notifyed when I upload! My social media links will all be down below…

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Go and read my last post: Autumn Wishlist + Mini Haul

an autumn wishlist + mini haul

I thought I would write up a lil’ post about a few things I have been keeping my eye on wishing I could afford it! Most of the items on my wishlist are clothing pieces as I have become a lot more interested in fashion and different Autumnal trends. Side note: this is first post from my entire week of blog posts! Yes folks I will be posting 5 times this week so be sure to come back for more!

black boots

about a two weeks ago I was browsing through Nasty Gal looking at all the shoes/boots. I really like all the styles of black boots especially the deatiled lace-up ones. I think at the moment a nice pair of black boots is at the top of my wishlist at the moment. The pair I have my eye on at the moment is ‘Together Faux Leather Lace-Up Boots‘ from Nasty Gal. As I mentioned before, I really love the laces on these boots and the texture and silhouette of them. I also like that the heel isn’t too high and the it looks walkable for some everyday stomping.

turtleneck jumper

Also due to browsing through various online shops wishing I could buy all the clothes on there, I have been loving to trend of an oversized, chunky turtleneck jumpers. I’ve seen a few of favourite fashion bloggers wearing them and I thought I would not only want but need a few new jumpers for the Autumn season. I thought I would go for a maroon, tan and black as those seem to be the autumn colours. Dark more neautral tones are what I’m going for this season.

oversized blazer

Another one of the pieces on my wishlist is a good oversized blazer. I went to Next a few weeks ago with my family and I got quite bored shopping around for things not for me so I went to womens’ section and tried on a few plaid blazers and really loved them. I feel like I could really easily dress up or dress down a blazer.


I am no VSCO girl but I do love that scruchies are a thing again. They are so much more personalised and cute compared to a basic hair tie. I actually already picked up a few cute scrunchies from Next today. I picked up a few different textured scrunchies. I found a set of corduroy ones which is a material I have been obssessed with at the moment! I also got a few silky and velvet ones too! I guess I can tick it off my wishlist so yay.

a wintry coat

It’s that time of the year when my mum will take me to Next to pick out a new coat for the winter. I picked a green coat with silver hardware. It has a puffy lining with a grey fluffy lining to warm you up in the winter. It looks kinda oversized but that’s the vibe I’m going with at the moment. Maybe one day I’ll grow as at the moment I am in that weird inbetween stage between being able to fit most of the womens’ clothing but can still fit the highest kids clothing pieces. i have no idea what I said either. Anyways, the coat does have little pulley things on the waist so it doesn’t look too puffy and I’m not drowning in fabric.

an elf lippy

In the summer, I bought a ‘lip-plumping gloss’ from one of my favourite drugstore brands: Elf. It is now my most used gloss/ lip produc don’t. I am so over the matte lipstick look and I now prefer lipgloss or oils that are a lot less high-maintenance. The plumping glosses form elf and my faves at the moment even though I only have one but I would love to get one or two more next time I visit Superdrug, as they are so affordable.

I hope you liked this rant about all the things I want but really don’t need! Comment below anything you want to buy this Autumn. Like and follow for more posts. Once again, I will be posting every single weekday (mon-fri) this week! All my social media links will be below…

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